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Men are different. Some men are always after money. They devote all their lives to making money and building empires. Other men chase fame first. These men hate being the ordinaries. They seek recognition. Few other men are just inner looking and devote their lives to innovation of some sort. They don’t usually need any external help and persevere to their goals just by themselves. But there is thing universally common to all these men – they all want to be good in bed. But not all men are naturally like that.

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Some me are natural victims of sexual weakness. The condition is known as Erectile Dysfunction. It is the condition where a man is not capable of having an effective erection. So these men face a big problem while attempting to engage in sex. Even if they really feel the desire for sexual intercourse, their erections happen to be neither strong nor lasting. Today, this sad condition of Erectile Dysfunction is not very uncommon in men of all ages starting from puberty. A recent study has indicated that more than seven percent of young men are victims of erectile dysfunction. The condition is worse for older guys reaching to a level of about one in every three men. So this calls for some real solution to all these men. Let us talk Kamagra!

Kamagra is just one other generic name for Viagra. So, it is chemically the same as that of the more widely recognized Viagra tablets. The chemical in Kamagra is, therefore, Sildenafil Citrate. In the past decade, Viagra has proved to be effective in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction because of the effects of this chemical. This active ingredient in Kamagra functions by acting on natural enzymes in men called PDE5. By stimulating five of these enzymes, called phosphodiesterases, Sildenafil Citerate results in improved blood flow into the male reproductive organ. This, in turn results in a strong erection. As much as Kamagra is chemically the same as the popular Viagra, there is something special about it – it is cheaper!

Kamgra is an FDA approved drug. The medication is normally in tablets of 50 milligrams and 100 milligrams just like Viagra. It is advised to take one pill a day. Best result is expected when taken thirty to sixty minutes before intercourse. Kamagra is also available as oral jelly.

Kamagra should only be taken through proper prescription. In doing so, it is possible to avoid any serious risks which might rarely come with it. Particular attention should be given if there is a history of heart attack or stroke.

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For those suffering from Erectile Dysfuction (ED) which can be caused by many different factors, the new drug of choice is Cialis.

Why is Cialis so much more effective than other ED drugs on the market in South Africa right now?

There are many reasons, which will be outlined in this article. Cialis not only offers fewer side effects, but it also offers different dosing options to fit different lifestyles.

First, Cialis has been proven through trials and patient reports to cause fewer side effects than Viagra or other ED medicines currently offered to treat the symptoms of ED.  Cialis also has reports of the mild symptoms becoming even more mild with further use, even as the positive effects of the medicine improve over time. Headaches, flushed face, nasal congestion, and other mild side effects are reported to get better or become less noticeable with more doses taken of this medicine.

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The positive effects of this medicine continue to improve with each dose that is taken though. Users have reported stronger erections over longer periods of time while using this medicine more frequently. Erections occur more frequently and take less effort to “get started”. Cialis, when used as a treatment for ED, has longer lasting results reported with added benefits also reported.


Cialis also gives more flexibility than other ED prescriptions since it does not have to be taken just before sexual activity. It can be taken before sexual activity is expected, but it can also be taken every day. The daily dosage of Cialis is for those who want to keep the spontaneity of sexual encounters at their peak. A daily dose offers those suffering from ED the choice of when they would like to engage in sexual activity, instead of waiting for “just before” sexual activity is likely to occur. A daily dose gives the “anytime, anywhere” option for those who hate the idea of killing the mood. On the other hand, Cialis also has a gel or jelly form for those who want more immediate results and do not want to wait 1-2 hours. The gel reduces the wait time to under an hour, and in some cases, under 30 minutes. Cialas offers this option for those who may want a different kind of spontaneity. The rapid release also offers a better option for those who are uncomfortable speaking with their partner about the effects of ED. They can just swallow the gel, take a hot shower, and climb in bed with their partner without anyone being the wiser.

With all the options that Cialis offers, with less side effects, there is no reason to choose any other prescription for the effective treatment of ED. Cialis offers so much more to fit every lifestyle that it will improve the life of anyone suffering from ED.