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The well established med Viagra has a new formulation that is on par if not better than the original. Viagra Super Active provides the same effect as standard Viagra just a little different. First it is chewable unlike regular Viagra , also it absorbs into your blood stream faster than standard Viagra. It comes in a gelatin capsule, needs to be taken by mouth. Viagra Super Active should be taken approximately 5-10 minutes before any type of sexual activity.

Viagra efficacy

The effects of Viagra Super Active will last much longer than those of standard Viagra , up to approximately 50 hours. as designed this is normal and expected. Viagra Super Active is an orally taken drug meant to enhance a male’s desire and ability to perform in a sexual situation by working to block certain enzymes in the body which affect a male ability to gain an erection . Viagra Super Active works by assisting blood flow into the male genitalia allowing achievement and duration of an erection along with assisting in the stimulation of sexual desire.

Buy Viagra Super Active Online

Buy Viagra Super Active Online

Generic Viagra Super Active is not to be used by women, use of the medication is not a protection against sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Viagra Super active has been tested thoroughly over several years to determine and lack of side effects associated with using this drug. With the standard dosage of 100 mg and the fast absorption into the male system there is no need to wait until the body dissolves the drug to engage in sexual activity. Viagra Super Active is tested to perform 3-4 times faster than standard Viagra . As the newest addition to the Viagra family Viagra Super Active joins a well respected and long running team of drugs designed to assist and relieve the effects of ED ( erectile dysfunction ) .

Viagra Super Active is taken by mouth as needed at least 30 minutes, but a time from no longer than 4 hours before planned or possible sexual activity.. use 1 hour before has been determined to be the optimal timeframe . Men using this medication should avoid eating or consuming grapefruit or grapefruit products while take the medication, as it may cause adverse affects. Consumption of high fat content meals on the day of use of the Viagra Super Active medication runs a possibility of delaying the effects of the medication . Some side effects that could occur while taking the Viagra Super Active medication include but are not limited to blurred vision, imapirment of visual reception of the blue/green spectrum, sensitivity to light. If while taking the medication you experience these or any side effects you should contact your medical professional as soon as possible and terminate use of Viagra Super Active until you have consulted with your doctor.

Viagra in Australia

Viagra is the trade name for a drug called Sildenafil. It is part of a class of drugs called PDE-5( phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors. Other drugs in this class include Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil). It was approved by the FDA in 1998 for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Pfizer is the company responsible for making the blue colored diamond pill so instantly recognizable. The drug is available in dosages of 25, 50 and 100 mg. The various dosages allowing GPs to tailor the dose to the individual as some people may need less to get the full benefits or may suffer from underlying health conditions.

Viagra takes around 1 hour to work. It will be longer after a fatty meal (high in oil/fat) Viagra is effective for up to nine hours.

Buy Generic Viagra in Australia

Buy Generic Viagra in Australia

Viagra Contraindications and Side effects

People with serious health conditions should not be taking Viagra. These include heart disease, liver or kidney problems, recovering from a heart attack or stroke, stomach ulcers and high or low blood pressure. Viagra should not be taken with nitrates (angina medication or recreational use of poppers). Some side-effects include headaches, flushes, dizziness, indigestion and decreased vision.

The mechanism of action involves increasing the blood flow to the penis. During sexual arousal, signals from the brain are sent with the effect of relaxing the muscles in the walls of the blood vessels of the penis. Increased levels of a substance called cGMP(cyclic guanosine monophosphate) enables the arteries in the penis to fill with blood. In erectile dysfunction levels of cGMP cannot be maintained at a level which allows a full erection. Viagra helps to maintain these levels of cGMP.

Viagra is not a substitute for sexual arousal. The levels of cGMP only increase when there is sexual arousal. Viagra only helps by maintaining the levels of cGMP which leads to an increase in blood flowing to the penis.

However in popular culture and usage there is the belief that Viagra is an aphrodisiac. That it can enhance a man’s sexual performance or even increase penis size. Even though studies have not produced evidence for these hypotheses this has not dampened Viagra’s popularity. Indeed there are not many drugs on the market that have non-prescribed recreational use surpassing prescribed usage. Such was its popularity that at one point sales of Viagra were at around 90% for prescribed erectile dysfunction drugs.

Viagra’s popularity led to all sorts of applications outside the realm of sexual dysfunction treatment. Studies have focused on Viagra’s active ingredient Sildenafil. Researchers using 1 mg of Viagra have demonstrated that cut flowers can stand straight for an average of 1 week more than their normal life span. Tests involving fruit and vegetables have also shown that the ripening process can be slowed down by Viagra.

In recreational use athletes have used it in the belief that it will enhance their performance out on the field or track. Apparently if the drug increases blood flow to the penis, it is not that much of a leap to assume that it will do it for other muscles too!