Viagra, Cockring, and Other Male Enhancers

The world of penis enlargement – euphemistically known as male enhancement – is a limitless one. Viagra, a drug developed and marketed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, has entered not only the spam category of your inbox, but also the pervading consciousness on bigger, better, and more desirable penis and erections. It has joined the roster of penis exercise, cock-ring products, and herbal supplements in the solid aim of fighting erectile dysfunction and similar sex-related woes among men.

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But do you know that Viagra possibly carries with it several side effects and drug interaction issues? Let’s dig deeper into this multi-billion drug, along with its counterparts, among them self-applied male enhancers like cock rings.

A prescription erection drug developed by Pfizer, Viagra is clinically known as Sildenafil citrate. It is among a class of drugs known as Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. To give you an idea on its unfailing popularity, Viagra is dispensed at a rate of nine pills per second, a juicy bit of information obtained from the Pfizer website.

Have you ever wondered how Viagra works? Nitric oxide (NO) is released in the vascular system of the corpus cavernosum, which expands when blood-filled and becomes hard and stiff, during the process of male erection. This process begins with sexually stimulation of the penis. the Nitric oxide activates enzyme guanylate cyclase, and this results to an increased cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) presence, which makes the smooth muscles in the blood vessels relax and allow increase of blood flow.

To sum it up, Viagra is mainly involved in improved blood flow and creates an environment that’s helpful to better, longer erections during stimulation. It isn’t actually the one making the erection process happen. It merely eliminates the enzyme that prevents erections.

But more than the process, the safety of Viagra use has already been delved into by recent research. Studies have identified potential side effects, including dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, stuffy nose or the Viagra cold, heartburn, and stomach upset. More serious ones cases have also been identified. They include irregular heartbeat, allergic reactions, chest pains and body numbness. Viagra is known to cause unnaturally long erections, usually painful ones. Vision problems and sudden loss of hearing have also been noted.

The side effects have been recorded, many men have even tried using Viagra with other male enhancement techniques. Some, for instance, combine Viagra and cock-ring to get maximum benefits.

A cock-ring operates on the principle of constriction. It targets pressure points that trigger erection and is designed to help result in heightened ejaculation control and more powerful orgasms. A cock-ring offers mechanical male enhancement solution, unlike Viagra and other drugs work on the chemical level. Cock-rings are clearly a lot more affordable for men than Viagra.

What to consider when deciding on the superior male enhancer to use is not only effectiveness, but also the safety when using it. In fact, safety should always outweigh all the other factors. If you choose mechanical methods like a horseshoe cock-ring, make sure you’re sized accordingly for best results. If you’re sticking to Viagra therapy, always consult with your healthcare practitioner for the state of your health.

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It is very true that you don’t always feel the same every day and the intense in the feeling of passion tends to fluctuate. But you need to balance it as it is very important to maintain a healthy relationship between couple. There is spiritual love and physical love and spiritual love can only be made when you go to the next level of physical love and it comes through closeness. But how do you achieve orgasm when the partner is able to arouse the sexual pleasures, but most women suffer from the inability in getting aroused and difficulty in attaining orgasm. It is always sexual dysfunction of men that are considered and the problems of women are hardly considered. May be because the female sexual dysfunctions hardly eliminate the possibility of sexual activity, while the male sexual dysfunction end all the possibility of having sex. But a good foreplay includes the participation of both partner thus it becomes very important to have Viagra for women. The researchers have found that Viagra for women can actually be benefitted and if a woman is bothered by less sexual arousal, then you must not hesitate to seek the help regarding this issue. Low sex drive means you have a constant lack of sexual desire that causes grief and estrangement between couple.

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