Sildenafil in South Africa

Erectile dysfunction is the consistent or recurrent inability to acquire or sustain an erection that is sufficient enough for the duration of sexual intercourse.

Buy Sildenafil in South Africa

Buy Sildenafil in South Africa

As men age, they have lower testosterone levels and decreased blood flow to the male sexual organ. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction increases with age with nearly 40% of all men at the age of 70 having the problem. There are many factors that are associated with erectile dysfunction such as being overweight and less active. People who engage in healthier behaviors and maintain an ideal BMI have a lower prevalence of erectile dysfunction than the other subset. Believe it or not, Frequency of sexual encounters can also influence the onset of erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that men who engage in sexual intercourse less than once per week were twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction. The best predictor of erectile dysfunction is the man’s other medical comorbidities. Diabetes, a disorder associated with poor metabolism of sugar, and cardiovascular disease such as hypertension are some of the strongest predictors of whether a man will develop erectile dysfunction. Close to 60% of men with cardiovascular disease will develop erectile dysfunction within 5 years. A person with Diabetes is at a significantly higher risk for developing erectile dysfunction earlier due to damage of the neuropathways from poor glycemic control.

When the neural pathways are damaged, this damage results in decreased blood flow to the male sexual organ. Other causes include psychogenic disorders such as depression. Bad habits such as smoking and excessively drinking can cause erectile dysfunction with tobacco use being one of the strongest causes. Other less common causes include neurogenic forms such as stroke, spinal cord injury or other organic brain disorders. Finally, there are multiple drugs that can contribute to erectile dysfunction such as antidepressants as well as antihypertensive.
There are multiple treatment options for erectile dysfunction. One of the most common treatments and a very successful pharmaceutical is Viagra. Viagra is a Phoshodiesterase-5 inhibitor and is considered first line treatment. Viagra is the first line treatment because it is easy to use, has a rapid onset, has few side effects and is very effective in treating erectile dysfunction so men can perform during sexual intercourse the way they would like to.

Viagra, generically known as Sildenafil Citrate, acts by inhibiting the Phosphodiesterase enzyme which results in increased nitric oxide induced vasodilation. This increased vasodilation allows for more blood flow which results in an increase in the number and duration of erections in men. It should be noted that these changes will not work without a sufficient environmental and psychological cues from sufficient sexual arousal and stimulation. In other words, you won’t just get a random erection without some sort of stimulation to jump start the process. For the few men that Viagra is not effective, there are still other treatment options for men. Although Viagra is the easiest form of treatment, second line therapies such as vacuum assisted devise and intra-urethral suppositories can be very effective treatments as well. Finally, surgical options such as penile prostheses exist for men who do not respond to any treatments.

Buy Generic Cialis in South Africa

Generic Cialis is a cheaper alternative to the common and well known Cialis. It is an effective and powerful medication for Erectile Dysfunction in men and aids in achieving and keeping a harder erection. This medication remains effective in the body for as long as 36 hours. The active ingredient is Tadalafil and is available in form of pills.

Buy Generic Cialis in South Africa

Buy Generic Cialis in South Africa

How it works in the body

Generic Cialis is an active, reversible and selective inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase type 5, PDE 5 common with (CGMP) Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate. During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is locally released and Cialis actively takes part in inhibition of PDE-5 and this leads to an increase in CGMP level in the capillary and cavernous tissues of the penis. Relaxation of arterial muscles occurs and this allows blood to flow efficiently through the tissues of the penis and maintains an effective erection. In case one takes the drug in absence of sexual stimulation, it has no effect. When sexual arousal and stimulation is present, the effect appears after fifteen minutes of intake.

Dosage and precautions

The recommended effective dose of Generic Cialis is 20 mg and should be taken at least 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. The dosage is prescribed only once a day, meaning one should not take more than one pill a day.
Generic Cialis pills should not be taken with alcoholic beverages, grapefruit juice, and tobacco. In the case of Cialis intake and tobacco smoking simultaneously, a sudden optic and nerve-related vision problem may be witnessed. Immediate help from a qualified doctor should be a priority.
In the case of an abnormal penis; such as birth defects & curved penis, angina, coronary artery disease or heart attack and hypertension complications, inform your doctor before taking the medication. Others complications like stomach ulcers, sickle-cell anemia, kidney &liver failure and diabetes should also be considered before buying the pills.

Side effects

Every drug taken will probably have side effects to the body. The most common ones are headaches, facial flushing, and reddening, stomach upset, and diarrhea is some cases. These effects though mild and transient should not upset you since they are just common.

In rare occasions, it causes blurred vision and low blood pressure. Prolong ejaculation may occur in the case of painful erections that last for long. Patients using any form the organic nitrate supplements are advised not use Cialis pills as they may cause hypotension effects.

Buy Generic Cialis Online in South Africa

With no prescription from a doctor needed to use this Generic Cialis, you can easily make your order online and wait for it to be dropped to your doorstep. This medication is available in stock and you can make your payments through VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, and Dinners. The average delivery time is 10- 21 days for Airmail while for EMS Trackable is 5-9 days.

A package of Generic Cialis contains a number of pills with predefined dosage. The prices are labeled just beside the title. The more the number of pills in a package the less the price per pill and you only easily make your purchase by adding to cart the package of your choice.

Generic Cialis should be stored at favorable room temperatures away from direct sunlight, moisture content, and pets. Keep the pills in a tightly closed container and away from the reach of children.

Buy Levitra 20 in South Africa online

Levitra is a drug that men use if they have sexual problems that either they cannot perform or early ejagulation. This drug is the second good one in this market. the first one is Viagra and second one is Levitra. They are some risks and side effect taking this drug. People (men) with high blood pressure
they should consult their Doctor to evaluate their condition and if they will be permitted to take this drug. Normally if you are not sexually motivated and you cannot perform must be a reason for it and not necessary your health condition and problem. While you having sex and if your partner is not doing any thing to stimulate you then yes indeed you have problem but only now if you use levitra you can get erection and possibly you could perform whether your partner is cooperating with you or playing dead.

Buy Levitra 20 in South Africa online

Buy Levitra 20 in South Africa online

Before you use this drug try have sex with someone that you are attracted to and she must knows some
tricks to get erection and maintain it for couple of minutes. Believe me this will work better than levitra or viagra. they are lot women that they just play dead in bed and they want to get over it so they can go and watch their favorite tv show or what ever. If you are experiencing such condition then forget about having sex tonight and make sure that your partner is ready for it. fowl play is very important most females like to have oral sex that make them real hot and want all other kind of sex once they are hot. good luck and enjoy your sex life tonight and always. Unforualey Levitra and Viagra are pretty expensive drug that not covedred by any insurance company one pill gould run about $15.00 or more so ask you self this quesion is that worth it a plesure of one minute or less to spend $15.00 or more.My experience in using Levitra , viagra or cialis these are the only three drugs of the kind that approved by fda . They are some generic ones made in Liberia which possibly using aspirin and they scam you and charge you maybe $10 a pill and you think that you got a bargin but when the time will come and you take that fake pill half an hour before having sex and for your shock you are dead and he is dead. no erection and you are frustrated because you cannot perform , so listen to an expert but the real one from your local drug store (not even Canadian) with your Doctor prescription and voila you are on your way to heaven tonight. If you are young then you do not need any of these pills you can perform without outside help

.Levitra is real good medication but you got to remember that will lower your blood pressure to the extent of being in danger. Low blood pressure could cause to a stroke and heart attack. High blood pressure is bad too and normally men with high blood pressure they cannot sexually perform. So what is the catch? go anything but regular sex how about oral ? you will enjoy it as well as your partner. Try it save the $15 a pill and see how your partner will go wild. If possible anal sex also stimulate both of you and your partner even so that your partner might object it at the beginning of the game.But once you’re all set to have it i think they are lots of possibilities out there for both of you.