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Viagra is a drug of many benefits. Men love to please women with pleasure being the main goal. To achieve this goal your tools have to work properly. Unfortunately many men suffer from erectile dysfunction as they mature in life. This can be a source of insecurity for men who don’t know how to handle this experience. That’s where Viagra comes in to help.

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Viagra vs Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra is one of many drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra can used to help men achieve that long, hard erection that’s been missing from their sex life. Women love a man that can please them the right way. From the touch of the flesh to the moisture that comes from a woman’s special place, a man must properly use his tools. Viagra is here to help me achieve maximum performance.

Possible side effects

Like any other drug Viagra has it’s side effects. A man using drugs for heart problems can’t use Viagra with those products. The same goes for any man using drugs for chest pain. Viagra doesn’t mix well with other drugs. Doctors should be contacted immediately if your erection lasts for a long period of time. If your erection were to become painful call a doctor as well. Viagra is not supposed to make your erection last long. Anything over 4 hours should be considered an emergency & medical personal should be contacted.

Viagra online

Men of South Africa can purchase Viagra online using many different websites. Prices range from $35.70 to $447.62. Pills come in quantities of 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 270 & 360. Websites such as provide help many men in South Africa find additional information on the product. Any man that has sudden loss of vision while using Viagra should seek emergency help. Viagra is also not to be used by men allergic to Sildenafil. Viagra is also not to be used if you take any drugs that are used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Few precautions

Blood flow to the eye can decrease by using a Viagra. This is due to to the product affecting the eye’s optic nerve. Viagra is in no way, shape or form to be used by any body under the age of 18 years old. Viagra also shouldn’t be used by anyone with a history of bleeding disorders or stomach ulcers. Viagra is only to be taken as prescribed by a doctor. It is only to be used when needed. Only take Viagra one hour to thirty minutes before sexual activity if prescribed. You can take Viagra up to 4 hours before sexual contact, but only take Viagra tablets once a day. Store any Viagra tablets away from heat & moisture. Also keep all Viagra tablets at room temperature.

Viagra helps generate a new found sexual peak in older males. Not only to men feel the ability to perform, but also satisfy in the bedroom. This builds confidence & restores a sense of courage once loss by men dealing with erectile dysfunction. Viagra has been known to help keep relationships healthy. This is one of the main reasons many older males seek the product. A sense of success is what all men long to achieve & Viagra helps men achieve that success. Use the product with caution & confidence as Viagra can indeed be that long sought after benefit needed to spark your sex life.

Viagra in South Africa pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction is common among men and even more so among men who are over the age of 40. It is estimated that many millions of men are affected with erectile dysfunction each year. There are so many prescriptions available to alleviate how erectile dysfunction may affect a man’s sex life. These options should be discussed with a primary physician.

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Viagra is perhaps the most common name heard when talking about erectile dysfunction. It is a prescription oral medication taken to allow blood to flow to the penis and allows for an erection. Its active component is Sildenafil and is also used to treat high blood pressure in the lungs, medically known as pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Viagra became available in 1998 and can be purchased through a physical pharmacy or through an online pharmaceutical company. A study by Pfizer found that approximately eighty percent of online companies selling Viagra were counterfit. This is an important risk to note. Viagra is one of the most counterfited drugs in the world. While there are many counterfits, there are also reputable online opportunities to order Viagra. It is more likely to be true Viagra if the company requires a prescription. Whatever the means of attaining Viagra, it is very important to be aware of potential drug interactions that could be dangerous. Some of these drugs include other sildenafil products and nitrites. Do no mix Viagra with alcohol or other medications treating for erectile dysfunction.

Some common side effects include minor changes such as a headache or flushing or dizziness. If such side effects persist or worsen it is important to call for medical attention. Similarly, if severe side effects occur, seek immediate medical attention. Talk to your physician about side effects which could include an erection lasting longer than four hours and may result in permanent damage to the penis. Most adverse reactions are minor and do not pose a threat to your health.

Sublingual viagra typically begins to work more quickly than viagra forms taken by the mouth. The onset time will differ between individuals but Viagra by mouth takes an average of 27 minutes, while sublingual Viagra takes an average of 15 minutes to begin to work. There are many different types of Viagra available that will compliment different lifestyles and needs.

Viagra can be taken up to four hours before sexual activity. It is important to note that Viagra alone will not result in an erection but will require sexual stimulation to bring blood to the penis and form an erection. Currently, more than 23 million men have been prescribed Viagra.

Different doses of Viagra are available. It may be best to start on a lower dose first, such as the 25 mg dosage, before trying a high dose, such as the 50 mg dose or 100 mg dose.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many varying reasons but can be treated effectively by Viagra for any reason. Consult a doctor about your options in finding the best medication for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra without prescription

Viagra, the popular drug for erectile dysfunction, has been used for more than just ED. sildenafil citrate, (the official name for Viagra) is also used to treat Pulmonary, arterial hypertension.

Viagra without prescription in South Africa

Viagra prescription

You need a prescription to buy Viagra. You cannot buy Viagra over the counter, and there is no over the counter alternative, so in order to buy it, you need a doctor’s appointment. Tests must be run before prescribing Viagra to see if your heart is healthy enough to take it.
Once you have your prescription for Viagra, you have options as to where to obtain it. Your first option, is to obtain it from your local drug store, or pharmacy. This is by far the quickest, and easiest way to obtain it, albeit can be a bit embarrassing if you do not want anyone knowing you take it.
If privacy is a concern to you, mail order may be an option for you. Some companies do offer Viagra via mail order, in fact, they will automatically ship you a 3 month supply, or a 1 month supply, depending on your preference.

Viagra without prescription
You may purchase your Viagra prescription online as well, provided you have a valid prescription, and your doctor’s office, or staff is readily available, should the online pharmacy have any questions about your script.
Viagra is not for everyone.

Side effects

There are some risks you should know about before taking it. Common side effects you may experience while taking Viagra include, headache, nausea, upset stomach, muscle pain, blurred vision, dizziness, and rash. You must be careful while taking Viagra, because heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat have happened while some men have taken Viagra, hence the testing done prior to obtaining a script.
If you already take Nitrates for chest pain, or medications for pulmonary hypertension, avoid taking Viagra, as your blood pressure may drop.

Discuss options with your doctor before taking Viagra, if you have other health conditions such as bleeding problems, liver, kidney problems, or if you are currently on kidney dialysis.
You should also discuss with your doctor should you have had serious vision problems, if you’ve had a stroke, blood pressure problems, chest pain, angina, irregular heartbeat, or pulmonary hypertension.
Viagra can affect the way other medications work, so discuss your full medical history should you be considering Viagra. It may make other medications work differently than they normally do.
Should you be taking Viagra, discontinue use and seek medical help, should you experience an erection lasting more than four hours, as this can cause permanent damage.
Other things to look out for are sudden vision or hearing loss, as this can signal other serious underlying conditions, and if not treated right away, can become permanent.
Should you need assistance paying for Viagra, there is a savings offer of up to two hundred dollars per prescription. There is a limit of 12 prescriptions annually. Also, there is a cap of twenty four hundred dollars per year for this assistance. This is also only at participating pharmacies, so check the details before you proceed. You may call 1-888-484-2472 for more information on Viagra.

Generic Viagra in Cape town

Viagra is the most famous ED medication in the entire world. For over ten years, it has been helping men fight impotence and perform better in bed. The medication increases blood flow to penis muscles and thus produces a harder and longer lasting erection. How to take Viagra: Take Viagra as needed, preferably 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse. However, it will remain active for up to four hours. Do not take more than one dose of Viagra within a 24-hour period. The medication works only when aroused and will not cause any embarrassing surprises.

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If you experience any symptoms associated with allergies such as difficulty breathing, hives, swollen tongue etc., stop using the medication and seek urgent medical help. If you feel dizziness, nausea or a tingling sensation in the upper body during sex, contact your doctor immediately, as it may signify a serious side effect of Viagra. Contact your medical specialist immediately if you experience any of the following: vision or hearing problems; pain in the chest, arm or shoulder; nausea and sweating; uneven heartbeat; shortness of breath; swollen feet or hands; loss of consciousness; more than 4-hour,painful erection. Common side effects of using Viagra include red or warmer face, neck and chest; mild memory loss; headaches; stomach problems; back pain and stuffy nose. Note that this list does not include all possible side effects. Other side effects might occur depending on individual health conditions. Precautions when taking viagra state to not combine Viagra with alcohol as it may increase the risk of side effects. Avoid taking other ED medications such as alprostadil (Caverject, Muse, Edex) or yohimbine (Yocon, Yodoxin, etc.) without prior medical consult. Do not take Viagra if you suffer from a heart condition or blood vessel problems severe enough to make sexual activity a danger.

Also use Generic Viagra cautiously if you have suffered a heart attack, stroke, or life-threatening heart irregularities within the past 6 months.Avoid combining Viagra with similar treatments as it can cause serious short term or long term damage to your body. Use Viagra with caution if you have a condition that might result in long-lasting erections, such as sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma or leukemia. If you have a genital problem or deformity of the penis such as Peyronie’s disease. If an erection persists and becomes uncomfortable, seek medical advice.

Use Generic Viagra with caution if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions: diabetes, kidney or liver problems, bleeding disorders, stomach ulcers or eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa or non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy. If you experience sudden dizziness or blurred vision after taking Generic Viagra, do not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery. If you are over 65 years of age, you are more likely to experience possible side effects using Generic Viagra. If unsure, consult your doctor who may decide to prescribe a lower dose of the medication.

Here is a small chart I have a compiled for pricing of Viagra  from

I very much hope it is useful and provides some insight.

How to get Levitra in South Africa

Studies from top medical universities have shown that half of older men (50 years or older) are afflicted with erectile dysfunction (or impotence, meaning they cannot maintain their erection consistently); and understandably, as they get older, the problem only gets worse in term of severity and reach. Even though it is not a serious, life threatening problem, erectile dysfunction can have a negative effect in men’s mental health and satisfaction of life in general in the later stage of their lives, as well as their partner or spouse. If you are in the same predicament these men face, you should contact your medical provider or doctor about the subscriptions of drugs that can help you combat this embarrassing problem. The three most popular, FDA – approved drugs are Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. These Cialis is a long – acting (meaning it takes a while to build up an effective level in your blood stream and work), while Viagra and Levitra are short – acting, meaning they take effect almost immediately. If for some reasons that you cannot obtain the former two, then Levitra works just as well, especially if you are looking to replace Viagra.

Levitra in South Africa

Chemically speaking, Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra are almost identical, with some subtle differences that translate to the difference effects that they have on your body. For the sake of comparing apple to apple, Cialis will not be discussed, since it is different comparing to the short – acting Viagra and Levitra. Viagra only last about 4 hours after you take it, while Levitra lasts six times as long after you take it. Moreover, Viagra shows effects slower than Levitra. In term of the qualitative efficacy of the erection obtained by taking each one, using Viagra results in a stronger, more pronounced erection compared to Levitra. However, that is because the maximum allowable dosage for Levitra is 20 mg, while the maximum allowable dosage of Viagra is up to 100 mg. Even though there are some subtle differences, both drugs belong to a same class of chemicals called “phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors”, because PDE5 decreases the blood flow to the penis, and by blocking these biochemicals in the body, more blood will flow to the penis, and thus an erection can be achieved. More people refer Levitra over Viagra, because they experience a longer – lasting erection, without being over sensitive, and thus they can maintain a longer erection without premature ejaculation.

Side effects
Like with many medications, Levitra comes with common side effects such as headaches, flushing, flu – like symptoms such as stuffy nose or sneezing and dizziness, change or loss of vision, muscle soreness or tightening, nausea. In very rare occasion, users may experience allergic reactions with this medication, which result in serious side effects such as irregular heartbeat, seizure, temporary memory or balance loss, or ear ringing. If you find out that you are allergic to Levitra, you should contact for medical help immediately. It is also common knowledge that people with heart problem should not be using Levitra and other “phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors”.

How to buy?
To obtain Levitra in South Africa, it is the safest to get a prescription from your doctor, and then fill out those prescriptions at other pharmacies such as the ones at Costco, CVS, Wal-Mart or Walgreens, so you avoid getting scammed.

Viagra price in online pharmacy

Men meet up with erectile dysfunction after a certain age. They suffer with this embarrassing situations and not able to satisfy their partners. Many marriages end up in divorce due to this disorder. For men with such disorders, Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis so one can get and keep an erection hard enough for sex. As per many research reports Viagra normally starts to work within 30–60 minutes. This pill does not need to be taken at a regular frequency or with a dosage regime and can be taken whenever required by men.

Buy Viagra in online pharmacy states “Seventy-two percent, 80%, and 85% of the patients on 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg of VIAGRA, respectively, achieved erections hard enough for sex, compared to 50% on placebo. Also, men taking Viagra showed an improvement in their ability to get and keep an erection versus those who took placebo”

Can Viagra be purchased without doctors’ advise? Strictly no. Men with erectile disorders should consult their doctors and get advise appropriately on the dosage and get specific knowledge on the side effects it might create. Normally it starts to work within 1 hour of taking it and lasts for 5 hours. Normal suggestion by doctors are to take one pill day. If dosage exceeds severe side effects may occur.

Men who are already undergoing treatment such as stress related ailments, impotence or for blood pressure, they have to openly talk to the doctor, reveal their existing medicines and get the correct advise from their doctors before taking Viagra. Viagra can create adverse side effects at times for few people and everyone should be well aware of them. An erection that will not vanish, or an erection that lasts more than 4 hours, which might require medical assistance to subside or sudden vision loss in one or both eyes leading to serious eye problem called non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), or sudden hearing decrease or hearing loss.

Before getting Viagra prescribed, the doctor should be well informed on the current medical condition of a person, who should not be having any of the below mentioned issues:

  • heart problems such as a heart attack,
  • irregular heartbeat, angina, chest pain, narrowing of the aortic valve, or heart failure
  • heart surgery within the last 6 months
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • stroke
  • low blood pressure, or high blood pressure that is not controlled
  • deformed penis shape
  • erection that lasted for more than 4 hours
  • problems with your blood cells such as sickle cell
  • anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia
  • retinitis pigmentosa
  • eye disease
  • severe vision loss, including an eye problem called
  • bleeding problems
  • stomach ulcers
  • liver problems
  • kidney problems or are having kidney dialysis

Viagra prices in pharmacies

Availability of Viagra in South Africa is easy and can be procured through online pharmacy stores. It ranges from $2-$3 per unit and are available in packages consisting of 20-90 pills per package. They are well packed and sent without disclosing the details of the product in explicit manner.

Buy Levitra online

Levitra is a medicine commonly known as Vardenafil. This medication is solely used to treat sexual dysfunction in males, such as erectile dysfunction or impotence. This medication is effective by increasing the flow of blood to the penis, which can help the male get aroused and keep his arousal. This medication is taken by mouth, via pill form, and it can be taken with or without food. The pill medication should be taken approximately one hour before any sexual activity occurs.

Buy Levitra online

Side effects

Several side effects may occur with the taking of this medication, but are not always present in every patient. These side effects may include runny/stuffy nose, dizziness, and headache. Another side effect that has been reported in some patients is changes in their vision or eyesight, such as blurry vision, development of a light sensitivity, or developing color blindness between the colors of blue and green. If a patient taking this medication experiences any of these side effects to some degree, it is recommended to contact your doctor or your pharmacist right away. To prevent an allergic reaction, you should inform your doctor of any medications you may be allergic to. Medications such as this one often contain inactive and active ingredients, which can both flare up an allergy if present.

Before a patient is prescribe this medication, they should also inform their doctor of any irregularities in their medical history, such heart disease, chest pain, stroke, kidney disease, low or high blood pressure, dehydration, conditions of the penis, heart attack irregular heart beat, chest pain, etc…

In addition to telling your doctor or your pharmacist your allergies and your health background, you should inform them of any other medications you are taking currently, because Levitra can cause certain interactions if mixed with a certain other medication. Interactions such as these can often increase a patient’s risk of enduring a serious side effect, which could easily be prevent by telling the doctor ahead of time. One specific drug that may interact if taken with Levitra, is riociguat. If these two medications are used together, serious problems can occur, such as low blood pressure, heart attacks, fainting, trouble maintaining balance, or the enduring of a stroke. It is important the patient and family of the patient are aware of any possible overdosing on this medication, whether intentional or unintentional.

Overdosing on Levitra can cause certain side effects such as extreme pain in the muscles, specifically the back and abnormal vision. It is important to recognize that this medication is not used to protect patients from sexually transmitted diseases that may be present during sexual intercourse. These diseases may include HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, or hepatitis B. One way to prevent contracting one of these while on this medication, or while off the medication, is to use protective measures during sexual intercourse, such as condoms.

Another important fact to remember is that any patient on this medication should avoid consuming anything contain grapefruit or grapefruit juice while taking Levitra, because it can put the patient at more risk of enduring the side effects that are associated with this medication.