A Review of Tadalafil Use in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Cialis (also known as Tadalafil in the medical world of generics) is one of the most well-known erectile dysfunction drugs used in the world and South Africa is no exception. Cialis is considered a “lifestyle drug”, a meaning it treats issues that come up as a result of your lifestyle, like weight gain. This is a very lucrative market for the companies and with popularity, as well as the possibility for making a lot of money, comes a thriving counterfeit market.

South Africa has been hesitant to make these drugs over the counter due to the threat of misuse or abuse and believe it should be managed in a pharmacy setting.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are some of the most highly generic drugs on the global market

When these drugs are sold only through pharmacies, many South African men who are unable to obtain a prescription, for one reason or another, are turning to sex shops or illegitimate online pharmacies to obtain these erectile dysfunction medication. There are at least 1,800 illegitimate pharmacies on the internet.

These counterfeit tablets can either have too little or too much of the active ingredient and that can be harmful to Aussies when they unwittingly use outside of tested limitations. In addition, they drugs could have been tampered with and contain ingredients or additives that may cause serious medical harm to the person ingesting them. Counterfeiters go to great lengths to make the pills look like the real thing using the same shape, markings on the pills and packaging.

The hope that making the drug available on an over the counter basis in South Africa will kill two birds with one stone

They are hoping to curtail the illegal counterfeit drug market and lessen the circulation of dangerous counterfeit drugs on the market. Another positive reason would be the monetary benefits for South African pharmacies by directing some of the billion in counterfeit drug sales back into their businesses. It seems simple enough to ask the question why South African men do not just go and received a prescription from their general practitioner. The biggest issue is the perceived social stigma attached to erectile dysfunction.

The primary issue seems to be the perception of “lost manhood”.

This is something that transcends South Africans and effects men around the globe. It is a psychological impediment that many men struggle with, even today with raised awareness of the issue. Up to 70% of men who have erectile dysfunction in South Africa will not go to a doctor for treatment. In some areas of South Africa, there is a lack of general practitioner services which renders men unable to seek help, even if they want it.

In addition, another issue that seems to further aid the counterfeit market for Cialis in South Africa is the fact that the non-generic pills cost more and are only prescribed in small doses.

Making Cialis and other erectile dysfunction drugs available for over the counter consumption in South Africa should be done sooner than later.

The United Kingdom and New Zealand have been able to successfully transition Cialis for over the counter use, so South Africa should be able to follow their process to make it work.