How can I make Cialis work better?

Cialis is a medicine that men use to treat erectile dysfunction.

This is a disease where men can’t fully get erect when they are trying to have sex. This can be a major issue because most people love to have sex! What Cialis does is increase the blood flow into the penis so that when a man is sexually aroused he can achieve an erection. So if you can’t get a full stiffy then maybe you should look into taking this medicine. There are some side effects of Cialis though. It has been said that you should not take this drug at all unless you have consulted with a certified doctor. You should definitely not take Cialis if you have any sort of heart condition. If you take Cialis with a heart condition, the results could be fatal. Some side effects of Cialis are Dizziness, nausea, headache, and sometimes vomiting. You can get Cialis in South Africa very easily. All you have to do is google search for Cialis in South Africa and there will be many different websites with different price ranges. They can take 3 days to two weeks for delivery.

All in all if I could not get a boner I would definitely look into taking this drug, because I love boners! I know from personal experience that not being able to get a boner is not fun.

One of my boyfriends is not able to get a boner. So whenever we are going to have sex he actually has to inject his penis with some medicine. It works very very well! let me tell you. He stays hard for about four hours. Even after he shoots a load. I am very glad that there is medicine to help him deal with this. Even though I would still love him if he could not get a boner. I would just have to fuck his little pussy more :). I love when I get to fuck his pussy. I eat out his ass for a good 10 minutes while I am sucking his dick then I stick my 8 inch dick in and go to town.

Anyway. You can get Cialis in South Africa.

One website you can use is called You can get whatever mg of Cialis that you are looking for. The delivery can take up to two weeks so you may have to be patient. If you are smart you would order a bunch and stock up so you can get a boner whenever you need to! You never know when your significant other will want to play :).

If I couldn’t get a boner I would definitely try anything I could to get a boner.

I have a magic dick, or so I am told, so if I could not get a boner then that would be a major issue. I would not be able to please all the men and ladies that I can. I would be very sad and I would do anything I could to be able to get a boner.

Viagra generics – are they cheaper?

Viagra is likewise rapidly picking up a notoriety with ladies. This bodes well when one thinks about that the clitoris, basically like the penis, ends up engorged with blood amid sexual excitement.

Generic Viagra

Viagra may give comparable advantages, upgrading the sexual sensation and orgasmic happiness regarding ladies. In light of this developing interest (and exceptionally worthwhile market) Pfizer is currently leading clinical preliminaries of Viagra as a pill for sexual improvement in ladies.

About Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra is the world’s most popular medication for the effective treatment of male erectile dysfunction
generic Viagra is identical to brand name Viagra in quality ,strength, dosage and record generic Viagra is the original land proven oral treatment for ED and has an excellent safety record Generic Viagra starts working within 1 hour f taking and lasts up to 5 hours . Generic Viagra can be taken as often as once daily .

Exceeding the recommended daily dosage increases the risk of possible side effects.It works by helping to relax the blood vessels in the penis allowing blood to flow into the penis causing an erection .

If you plan to use Viagra you should take it an hour before planned sexual activity
An erection is possible for up possible for up to 4 hours after taking it.It doesn’t cause erections on its own-sexual stimulation is sill needed.Viagra does not cure ED increase man’s sexual desire ,protect from sexually transmitted diseases or serve as a male form of birth control.

If you use Viagra you should not take any more that one tablet in 24 hours and it should not be taken other ED medicines.

Side effects :

the most common side effects with Viagra include:

  • headache
  • flushed skin
  • indigestion
  • abnormal vision
  • back pain
  • nausea
  • dizziness

Very occasionally Viagra can cause painful erection or an erection that won’t go away .
If this happens, and the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you should go to the nearest emergency department. Prolonged erections can be dangerous.

Viagra may not be safe to take for men with certain medical conditions including men who have had a stroke have heart disease or rhinitis pigmentation.

It can also interact with many , medicines particularly nitrates and blood pressure medicines. men who use nitrates in any form or are being treated for pulmonary hypertension should not take Viagra.

How to take Viagra?

Take Viagra exactly as your doctor has prescribed.
They may differ from the information contained in the leaflet

How much to take?

Your doctor will decide the correct dose for you depending o your condition and response
this can be one 25 mg tablet a day or one 50 mg tablet a day or one 100 mg tablet a day

How to take it?

Swallow the tablet whole with a full glass of water

Product Description:


  • 25 mg blue rounded diamond shaped tablets marked VCR 25 on one side PFIZER on the other
  • 50 mg blue rounded diamond shaped tablets marked VCR 50 on the other PFIZER on the other
  • 100 mg blue rounded diamond shaped tablets marked VCR 100 on the other PFIZER on the other



  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • calcium hydrogen phoshate
  • magnesium stearate
  • hypromellose
  • lactose
  • triacetin
  • PF0102

Go to the doctor and ask about Cialis now

The ability to choose could easily be defined as one of the most important abilities to many a individual. This is further multiplied when it relates to a sexual choice. Imagine for a moment that you have lost that ability to choose when you would like to engage in meaningful intercourse. It may sound like a strange thing to ask to some, but for those affected by erectile dysfunction it is an all too real reality.

Talk about Cialis with your phycisian

Erectile dysfunction is an important issue

Erectile dysfunction can certainly lead to issues when it comes to having an active or fulfilling sex life. When you never quite know whether you will be able to perform in the given situation it makes it less of a thought or desire to create such situations due to the anxiety surrounded the questionable performance within them. This self doubt and worry can continue to compact for some and lead to serious relationship problems. The root cause of erectile dysfunction is often some sort of constriction of possible the veins in the penis preventing proper or consistent blood flow. As those that have it may know the severity and frequency can vary by individual. With that being said even an individual’s level of symptoms can often change or be at different levels, making it even worse.

Is it works?

Cialis works to counteract the issues causing erectile dysfunction and in addition to some sexual stimulation is proven to help with the negative aspects of erectile dysfunction. As far as erectile dysfunction medications go Cialis and fairly widely known and this is because it has a history of success. One big difference between Cialis and other such medications is in its effective time window. While other medications are limited to roughly four hours Cialis is known to be effective for up to thirty six, which is simply a huge increase in the amount of flexibility it provides. With Cialis it is not particularly necessary to have a period of time where you are not covered by its effects should you choose so.


In fact though some may simply take Cialis as needed it is also prescribed as a daily medication for some, leaving you with around the clock protection from erectile dysfunction. It has also been shown that it can have positive benefits when it comes to the an enlarged prostate, which can work to make urination easier for those that are affected. Say there are times in which you find that you cannot fully empty your bladder or it is time consuming to do so, Cialis may be able to help with that as well. You can even skip the line at the pharmacy these days thanks to the emergence of online pharmacies, which are ready to ship your prescription whatever it may be directly to your door in discreet packaging. Given the positive benefits it is certainly worth a conversation with your doctor to find out if Cialis is right for you.

This of course is best determined by a medical professional as they can fully assess your personal health, medications and your risk factors for diseases. Isn’t it time to find a way to give erectile dysfunction the boot and take back your life?

Viagra: guide how to use it against erectile dysfunction

Viagra in South africa

Erectile dysfunction has been the blight of men for far too long. Stripping us of our power to choose when we want to participate in sex and making our sexual activity less than satisfactory to say the least.

Erectile dysfunction can complicate our sexual relationships easily, forcing us to wonder whether or not it will be successful this time around or not. All of this added stress over sex can even make the existing condition worse. Certainly there must be a way to combat the inability to achieve a strong solid erection.

Viagra is made just for that purpose

With its active ingredient Sildenafil it works to fight back against the effects of erectile dysfunction by bringing back the normal blood flow that has been prevented due to reasons such as vein constriction. Viagra can work to reverse the effects of time in this way by allowing those who have had the onset of erectile dysfunction a chance to participate in sexual activity as they used to prior to the issues arising. Thanks to Viagra’s work on the symptoms of erectile dysfunction the stress related to questioning ones ability to perform as reduced.

Viagra due to its active ingredient gives about a four hour window for sexual activity, reaching effectiveness approximately thirty minutes after initially taking the dose. This gives you some window of time for the act to occur as no one wants it to feel like a forced encounter. By working in this way Viagra is available when you want it to be, but inactive in times where you would prefer not to have its effects, or they would be bothersome in the given situation.

Your particular need in terms of dosage will depend on a number of factors personally

In general though most individuals are started on 50mg, with it either being lowered or upped form there based on personal need. In most cases it is not meant to be taken in excess of one time a day due to its nature and the way it effects the body. For some older individuals for example 25mg a day would work best to not over stimulate the body. With the general popularity of the internet you can even easily have the prescriptions delivered to your home these days, without the need to call or physically go pick them up should that be convenient for you. I know I for one have always detested the wait at the pharmacy and with certain medications let’s face it we may not exactly want it advertised.

How to buy viagra online

Viagra online pharmacies

As mentioned there are a number of online pharmacies willing to ship to Australia, certainly you can find one that works with your insurance. Perhaps even when speaking to the doctor about Viagra they could suggest one. When speaking with your doctor about Viagra use personal and family medical history are typically gone over to evaluate the risk factors for you. Some medical conditions can be aggravated by Viagra use such as heart conditions, that is why it is important to go through everything with your doctor. For most individuals side effects have been minor and usually include things such as your standard head, light dizziness and nausea. Talk to your doctor today to find out if Viagra is right for you.

Cialis in Cape town: new and safe medication for erectile dysfunction

Have you been troubled by erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is commonly a problem that does not allow erections to occur when someone wants them to. This can come from the simple inability to gain one at all or the inability maintain or get a full erection. Cialis is capable of helping with those symptoms. Fortunately Cialis can also assist with other issues resulting from an enlarged prostate. This could include the need for frequent urination or being unable to completely empty the bladder. This can cause a number of issues such as waking up in the middle of the night to relieve yourself, which can effect ones sleep pattern. It is thought that Cialis helps with this by allowing the prostate muscle to relax. So if you have been bothered by any issues such as the need to frequently go or the feeling of needing to go when you can not Cialis may be of some assistance. Given all this we can see that Cialis may be a benefit in multiple ways for some, handling multiple issues that can commonly occur together.

Important to keep in mind is that Erectile dysfunction is not limited to effecting people based on their age. While many would consider it to be something that would effect the older population of males does not mean it is limited to effecting people that are older. With this being the case it could be considered even more mentally detrimental to the younger effected persons. Resulting in them possible having feelings of inadequacy due to their inability to perform. Frustration can also occur with such thoughts as “”Why is this happening to me, this should not be occurring for a number of years?””. Given all this erectile dysfunction has a way of making them question themselves and causing negative thoughts. It may lead to them avoiding relationships altogether for fear of their inability. It could lead to an inability to get close to people or cause strain on a current or future relationship. Lack of sex or fulfilling sex can certainly cause marital issues and lead to a breakdown should it not be handled in some way shape or form to make sure both parties are satisfied with the state of things.
Now that we have an understanding of the negative ways that erectile dysfunction can impact someones life it is important to also understand that relief can be sought in the form of medication. By taking Cialis you are working toward regaining that freedom you once had. The active ingredient Tadalafil works to increase blood flow to the member, resulting in allowing one to perform as they used to. This can be very invigorating to get back to some semblance of what they would consider normal unopposed function. Given the many positives that can occur with use of Cialis, it is also important to mention it is not right for everyone. Certainly consider speaking with your doctor prior to taking Cialis. Issues can arise from certain heart conditions for example and are important to seek a professional opinion to make sure use is safe for the individual. Fortunately drugs like Cialis are also available through online pharmacies in South Africa. Consider Cialis for treating your condition today.

Viagra store: how to buy viagra in South africa?

If you are like many men who have erectile dysfunction you are probably suffering from frustration, lack of motivation and other issues. You might have tried Viagra, but maybe it wasn’t the thing for you. Perhaps, the side effects that you experienced were a bit intense or the medicine just was too little or too much effective for you. Many people who are suffering with erectile dysfunction have all been there and it’s nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. Millions of men are dealing with erectile dysfunction yearly, even some as young as in their 20s. Younger males might panic and older males my feel incompetent, but regardless of how you feel erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition and not much of a big deal in this day and age, so relax.
Viagra store in South Africa
There are many options for Viagra treatment, but an option I’m here to talk about today is Cialis Super Active. Many Australians suffering from erectile dysfunction have probably heard of and used Viagra, but Cialis Super Active is affordable alternative. Cialis, like Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Cialis, though, last for much longer than Viagra often working for well over a day compared to 6 hours for Viagra. This doesn’t mean you will have an erection for a day (thank god for that), but rather sexual stimulation will make it easier for you to become aroused. It is also used to treat prostate benign prostatic hyperplasia which an increase in the size of the prostate which may lead to frequent urination and other discomfort. It was the third medicine to come into the market approved by the American FDA and it could be much more effective in treating your erectile dysfunction compared to competitors Levitra and Viagra. Cialis, though, is much more convenient given its longer time of effectiveness given its long half-life. For instance, rather than having to take a Viagra pill an hour before sex (having to plan sexual intercourse) you can take Cialis daily and have sex sporadically (although, Cialis takes longer to work). If you ask me this advantage could make sex much more passionate.

Costs are pretty high with Cialis costing about 82 dollars a pill. Like Viagra, you want to avoid taking nitrates and beta-blocker. Symptoms include potentially nausea, headaches, vision problems, insomnia (trouble sleeping), high blood pressure and more serious issues may include heart and stroke problems or liver and kidney issues. Although, the side effects will vary wildly from person to person, most people will not have to worry about experiencing side effects. Another major issue with Cialis is that it may not work with 40 to 60% of men in South Africa (especially with men with diabetes or cholesterol issues) and ironically works better and have less side-effect for men younger than their 40s. There may be issues with Cialis as your body may adapt to it and it might not work as well as when you first took it, but taking a break from dosage should restore your sexual vitality when using the medicine again.

That being side Cialis still does carry its benefits when compared to Viagra and Levitra. If you are dealing with ED and Viagra has not worked out for you as well, then considering Cialis could very well be a good option for you.

Kamagra oral jelly: how its dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes, our bodies do not work like we want them to, and we need a little extra help when we want to engage in physical activities that use our extremities. Erectile dysfunction is a common physiological disorder among men, with millions and millions suffering from it in the world today. When a man is unable to get or keep an erection, it makes having sex physically impossible. Kamagra oral jelly is one known medication to help treat erectile dysfunction and promote a better sex life.

Kamagra for men

Kamagra oral jelly blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5, increasing levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which makes relaxation of muscles in the penis possible. While that is happening, there is increased blood flow to the penis thank to Sildenafil. Together, this helps create an erection. However, this medication will not create an erection on its own; there needs to be sexual stimulation involved for an erection to happen with this medication. The effects of Kamagra oral jelly can last up to 4 hours on average.

This medication comes in a gel form, which makes it easier absorbed by the body, acting faster in helping create an erection. Best of all, it can be taken It can be taken directly or stirred with water to dilute the taste; either way, it will have the same effect. It also comes in several different flavors to make taking it more pleasant. The dosage of this medication can be either a full bag or half of a bag; the maximum daily dose is 100 mg.

Unlike other medications that are used to treat erectile dysfunction, which typically take much longer to begin to work, Kamagra oral jelly is absorbed into the body fast, allowing it to start working quicker; with proper sexual stimuli, an erection can happen within minutes, compared to other medications, which can take up to an hour to start working.

There are side effects to this medication, but the chance of getting them are very low. These side effects can include, but are not limited to, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, and indigestion. Once this medication is taken, a side effect can be observed up to two hours after. It is also not suggested to take this medication with alcohol, and fatty foods might counteract with the medication, and make it not work. If you are above 65, you should ask your doctor before taking Kamagra oral jelly.

Obtaining Kamagra oral jelly in Australia can be done through online pharmacies. There are many different websites that sell this medication, but you just have to be aware of which websites are selling the real deal or offering generics. This is a very sought after medication, especially taking into consideration how quickly it acts. There is no longer a need to wait an hour before partaking in pleasure. It works within minutes!

If you want to impress your partner and improve your sex life, Kamagra oral jelly is for you. Never worry about getting or keeping an erection ever again, eliminating any embarrassment or frustration as you take part in your sexual desires. Restore your libido with this very affordable treatment.

Viagra review: how can I reduce the side effects?

Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug used which is used to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in men by increasing the blood flow in Penis so as to sustain an erection when a man is stimulated.Viagra is a word for a pharmaceutical product Sildenafil Citrate which is a commonly used drug worldwide.
viagra review

The drug was discovered in the United Kingdom by researchers from Pfizer a company from the US who were trying to get cure for heart problems such hypertension, high blood pressure and Angina Pectoris. In the initial trials the researchers noted that the drug didn’t really diagnose the heart problems but rather had an impact on penile erection which led to it’s approval as the first oral prescription for erectile dysfunction in the United states and subsequently hit the market in the year 1998.The discovery of the drug came as a reprieve to men who suffered from psychological torture due to erectile dysfunction. Since 1998, over 62 million men worldwide have directly or indirectly bought the drug according to sources from the drug manufacturer Pfizer.From since then the US, Mexico and Canada have been known to spend quite large amounts of cash to purchase the drug for their military personnel. The united states is believed to spend amounts up to a tune of 0.6 million on it and the three countries are estimated to use upto 0.4 billion to purchase the drug.

Lately Viagra has been used not only to treat erectile dysfunction but also pulmonary hypertension which is a kind of blood pressure that adversely affects the lungs and one side of the heart.It is sold under the label Revatio for this particular purpose of treating the disorder of high blood pressure leading to the lungs.Viagra also enables one to exercise in low oxygen areas by reducing the pulmonary artery pressure at high altitudes. Studies also show that Viagra can be of much help to those people with congestive hearts.The drug in some trials have been found to be helpful to people who have been exposed to cold leading to the spasm of the arteries that supply the toes and fingers rendering them pale and numb.

Viagra have various side effects on individuals who use the drug.Below are some of the most common side effects.

Hearing Impairment
Prolonged erection
Heart(Cardiovascular) problems.
Sight impairment
Swelling of hands,ankles and feet
Shortness of breath
Feeling itchy while urinating
Instances of allergic reactions such as swelling of the face,lips,tongue or throat.
Difficulty in falling asleep
Running nose and also nose bleeding.
Stomach upsets.

South Africa is among the highest consumer of Viagra in Africa with the big chunk of it’s demand coming from the elderly men.Most men prefer to buy the drug online as they feel uncomfortable discussing erectile dysfunction face to face.The drug is available online through various platforms from pharmaceuticals who have put on stringent measures to ensure that the drug is not abused by the ease of it’s availability.

In Australia you just have to visit the websites of online accredited vendors such as or and others for enquiry on the availability of the drug through creating an account with them first. Then log in and select Viagra as the pharmaceutical product of your choice.The online prescription have to be given out by a doctor after a serious engagement to ascertain the suitability of the drug to the user. The drug costs approximately from genuine pharmaceuticals who don’t indulge themselves with black-market sales which is rampant in Australia.The buyer will be required to pay via their credit cards for the product and some additional charges for delivery to the preferred destination by the seller.After the payment transfer is confirmed the drugs will be packaged and sent to the buyer at the shortest time possible.

Cialis in Pretoria online

The erectile dysfunction medication Cialis has become one of the top three solutions used by men around the world. In South Africa, Cialis is currently the most preferred erectile dysfunction treatment in the country. When asked natives said that the medication fit their busy lifestyles and had a number of added benefits. Today we are going to take a highly detailed look into Cialis, see what it does and why it is now one of the most sought-after medications in the country. In addition to that, we are going to cover what you should be doing to prevent erectile dysfunction. If you are already dealing with erection issues you’ll learn a few things you can do right now to improve your condition.
 Cialis in Pretoria

So a little bit of not so fun facts. South Africa currently has a little over a million men who currently suffer from erectile dysfunction. These reported numbers are just that, reported. Experts believe that there are more likely to be a minimum of three million or more men living with an erectile condition. They speculate that those men either ignore the symptoms or just live with them. So let’s get to that point first before we move on. The signs of erectile dysfunction are easily missed and ignored. The most obvious thing you should look for is weak erections or the inability to form an erection when stimulated.

Weak erections can be easily identified by their ability to bend in any direction without pain or discomfort. In addition to that morning, erections may be few and far between overall. If you’ve noticed these issues then there is a good chance you have erectile issues. When these signs are identified by you there are a number of things you can do next. The most obvious would look into consulting your doctor and getting a prescription for Cialis. Cialis is one of the most flexible medications on the market that have been proven to improve the condition of men with erectile problems.

The pill only needs to be taken once a day and can last upwards of 12 hours. Also, the pill is incredibly affordable. The average cost of Cialis is about per pill in a physical location. However, it is undoubtedly better to purchase the medication online. Cialis doesn’t have much in the way of side effects. The most common is an upset stomach which can be easily fixed by taking the pill with food. Just keep in mind it may slow down the activation time with something in your stomach. Don’t let that discourage you too much, the average time it takes the pill to start working is only 10 minutes.

Now onto the fun stuff. What can you do right now to ward off the effects of erectile dysfunction? Well, the first that you can do is monitor your blood pressure. Men that have their blood pressure under control have a better quality of erections than those that don’t. The second thing you can focus on is keeping yourself hydrated and active. It is easy to ignore our physical activity in our modern world. Most of the heavy lifting is no longer a requirement but don’t slack off! Keep moving and stay fit. Even being 10 pounds overweight can contribute to poor erectile quality.

Lastly gets a prescription of Cialis. Even if you don’t suffer from erectile issues Cialis has been proven to prevent erectile dysfunction with a 20mg daily dose. Don’t wait! If left alone long enough erectile issues will become permanent. So talk to your doctor about the benefits of Cialis today.

Order Viagra super active in South africa online

Viagra is a brand-name drug that is used to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), a medical condition categorized by the inability to get or keep an erection. The generic name of the main drug in Viagra is sildenafil. The drug works by disrupting the phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme, resulting in the expansion of the blood vessel walls in the penis and increased blood flow as a result. This results in improved erections and sexual performance.
order viagra in South africa

Common side effects that patients experience after taking Viagra include rashes, diarrhea and an increased susceptibility to urinary tract infections (UTIs). A less common side effect from taking Viagra is abnormal vision, specifically onset of a condition called cyanopsia. This is characterized by blurred vision, a sensitivity to light, and/or a blue-green tinge to the patient’s vision. Higher doses of Viagra increase the chance of a patient experiencing abnormal vision.

Some additional possible side effects include headaches, indigestion, back pain, muscle aches, flushed skin and stuffy or runny noses. You should avoid Viagra if you have heart or blood vessel problems, a history of heart attacks or strokes, high or low blood pressure, liver problems, penile deformation or vision problems. When taking Viagra, you should avoid alcohol and grapefruit juice, as these substances have been found to counteract the drug. Viagra should not be taken by anyone who is currently taking nitrates for chest pain, as taking the drug has been shown to increase the effects of these medications and potentially result in an unsafe drop in blood pressure.

As it is one of the most frequently generic medicines in the world, patients taking Viagra should take precautions when purchasing it so as to ensure that they are taking a genuine version of the drug. Viagra can be purchased through online auction sites, internet pharmacies and brick and mortar locations. Many of these online locations sell counterfeit Viagra. There are several risks associated with taking counterfeit Viagra. generic tablets can contain too much of not enough Viagra, resulting in ineffectiveness or harm to your health. Some counterfeit Viagra contain toxic ingredients to mimic the true-blue color of Viagra pills. Counterfeit drugs have also been found to contain illegal drugs such as amphetamines, dangerous antibiotics and other harmful drugs.

In order to ensure that you are not purchasing counterfeit Viagra, you should obtain a prescription from your doctor, and have it filled by a trusted pharmacist in-store. For patients who must rely on having their prescription filled by other means (such as over the internet), there are some precautions that can be taken to ensure that they are receiving genuine Viagra. Viagra tablets should feel smooth to the touch and have a stamped Viagra brand name that is clear and free from smudging. Furthermore, the pills should have a consistent uniform blue color and be free from color variation. Finally, Viagra is supplied only as solid tablets for oral consumption. If you find soft tablets, gel tablets or chewable tablets, these are categorically counterfeit and should be avoided.