Premature ejaculation: a new insight into mental and emotional factors

Premature Ejaculation: Common Experiences and Advice

It’s embarrassing. I don’t want to talk about it, you don’t want to talk about it, nobody wants to think about it or admit it’s a possibility, but it’s there and if we don’t talk about it then it’s just going to keep happening. Premature ejaculation is real. When is the last time you were making love and thought, “OK, is that enough time to have an orgasm?” It just doesn’t work like that. For lots of men, the orgasm comes earlier than they want but since they have been able to make love for a little while they just accept it. For those who suffer most, the orgasm comes before intercourse and completely ruins the intimate time. For those men, the shame can be too much to overcome in those situations and instead of continuing to pleasure their partner and perhaps even reaching a second orgasm, men will give up in shame and never face or take any actions to improve their situation.


What can be done about Premature ejaculation

The fact is though, one can take action. First, slow down. As excited as you might be, just take your time and let any overly intense feelings that come up simply wash away. Remember to relax and even if you do have an orgasm, that doesn’t mean the intimate time is over. Second, try to make love almost every day. The novelty of lovemaking can be a very powerful trigger for many men and by normalizing the activity many men will feel a lessening of performance pressure.

Similarly, if an evening does not go quite as planned or lovemaking ends sooner than one or both parties would wish, both partners know that lovemaking will be happening pretty much every day so there is a chance for more fun right around the corner.

Removing this pressure lets both partners relax and lessens the disappointment they may feel in the moment when their intimate time did not proceed as they had hoped or planned.

Not just sex

Additionally, partners should spend time being intimate without making love. ALso you may use medication from named Priligy. Gentle caresses, kisses and soothing talk make partners feel closer to each other and can heighten feelings of intimate satisfaction without relying completely on physical interaction. Both partners can derive strength from the closeness they feel in these times and their own self-satisfaction becomes heightened knowing that there are ways to achieve closeness and intimacy even without full lovemaking or orgasm.

Ways to orgasm

At that point, both partners may wish to engage in different kinds of pleasure. Oral stimulation is one way that couples enjoy physical intimacy without pressure to have an orgasm at the same time. By using oral pleasure in this way, if the man orgasms quickly then the woman is not afraid that she won’t get her turn and the man is not worried about letting the woman down. When both partners have very different times to arousal and orgasm than each other, disconnecting the timing of orgasms in this way can be extremely beneficial and lead to much higher rates of sexual satisfaction and even to more incidences of lovemaking. When both partners have had an orgasm prior to lovemaking, the lovemaking sessions become longer, more intense, and more satisfying to both partners.

Lying together after sex and gently caressing each other similarly makes lovemaking more satisfying to both partners and makes both partners feel that they have done their part to please the other and that the other feels that they have done their part as well. 

Confidence is key

When both partners feel confident in their abilities then they are more willing to take risks and perform in a way that accentuates the lovemaking experience and maximizes feelings of pleasure and connectedness. The connectedness factor is key in both partners feeling satisfaction from the lovemaking experience. When there is true connectedness and both partners feel confident, they carry these emotions out into the world with them and become significantly more positive, creative, and confident in all areas of their lives. Ultimately this is the most beneficial thing that can come out of the experience and both partners can emerge stronger from having experienced premature ejaculation and having worked through it to find a positive place.

9 thoughts on “Premature ejaculation: a new insight into mental and emotional factors”

  1. I’m 22. My one ball is half size of other (which i consulted doctor 4 yr before and told its perfectly fine) My problem is i usually *** in 40s to 1min while i masturbate. I practiced dry masturbation untill I’m 18 , after that stared using lubes (started at 14). I tried stop and squeeze but it didnt worked well. When I’m using Vaseline like hard lubes, I’m getting around 2 min . Due to this I’m afraid to be into a relationship . Also I can make my penis hard within some 20 second by only touching it(without fapping) , which I found unusual from my friends conversation.

  2. Since I turned 40 years old, I have had cases of having premature ejaculation. My girlfriend is a very attractive girl and we’ve always had great sexual experiences, but over the past couple of years, I feel bad that I’ve been finishing too quickly for her. I feel i need to begin taking some medicine to help fix the situation.

  3. I used to have an issue with premature ejaculation, but I used some mind over matter techniques found on YouTube and it’s been a complete life-changer. I can now last as long as I want during sex or masturbation, sometimes even edging for hours before orgasm.

  4. Sexual satisfaction is key to any couple. Two years ago I started experiencing premature ejaculation which altered our sexual experience. My wife was so supportive as we sought for medical intervention. Nothing helped however, 2 weeks ago I found a doctor who was willing to help.

  5. I’ve only experienced premature ejaculation a few times, but when it’s happened it has really ruined the whole mood. When he’s finished early, it seems to distract from my needs and put an end to the whole thing. Luckily, we don’t suffer from premature ejaculation currently. I hope it never returns!

  6. Premature ejaculation wasn’t a problem for me until my early twenties, it became an issue and somehow just got worse and worse. This one time I even ejaculated before we even started having sex. Who does that!

  7. I struggle with this issue still. I have tried kegal exercises, breath work, numbing creams etc with no success. I am admittedly inexperienced so maybe it’s just a lack of practice.

  8. For a while now I feel that I am premature ejaculator, just masturbating, because it takes very little time to ejaculate. What worries me is that I have a girlfriend for a short time and soon I will have sex with her.
    I feel very bad right now and I would like you to give me an effective solution, since I have no one to ask with confidence.
    I think the doctor for these cases prescribes antidepressants but I don’t want to take them for the side effects.

  9. Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects many people in the world, and can affect both men and women, which can affect a loving relationship, disappointing your partner who expects much more from you. I have never had this experience of premature ejaculation happening to me, but I have had partners who had this problem and it is very discouraging for a relationship, because orgasm happens very fast for only one person and that only she has sexual saturation. There is a feeling of frustration and a feeling of sadness that your expectations will not be met. Over time this person got a treatment at the doctor and solved this problem, and thus the sex life got much better both physically and psychologically, ending the feeling of frustration and shame of not being able to satisfy the partner, which at the time It was me and even if I tried to make it not a problem, because I like the person, over time this factor ends up damaging the relationship by not meeting expectations.

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