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When Things Come A Little Early: A Study On Premature Ejaculation

How To Stop Ejaculation

     What is premature ejaculation? It is basically a condition in which a man has an orgasm which results in the expulsion of semen. This orgasm typically happens within a very short amount of time and with minimal stimulation. There is no specific definition as to what is defined as premature ejaculation but it has been widely accepted that it is within 1 minute after penetration. The condition is also called rapid ejaculation, early climax, early ejaculation, and rapid climax. The ICD-10, (codes of physical diagnosis) has annotated the disorder as occurring within 15 seconds of penetration. The condition is full of very subjective definitions. Many men with the condition state they have no control over their quick orgasm time. Its not clear if its a physical condition or merely a mental phenomena. The average man typically lasts anywhere from 4-8 minutes, anything beyond that point has been labeled as delayed ejaculation. Much of the negative results of this condition revolve around significant distress with partners such as emotional distress and feelings of inadequacy. Statistically, the condition seems to have more of a negative effect on the overall mental health of men, many women consider the condition less of a problem, but this also varies depending on whom you ask. There has been some advancement on the cause of this disorder neurologically. Studies have shown that certain areas of the brain become programmed to have a faster response in their pelvis area. This is often caused by frequent masturbation during puberty, this can be the result of having to do this very quickly. This is only a theory and is only believed by a minority. More in depth studies contribute issues in the amount of serotonin receptors in the brain. Additionally, many believe this is a genetic disorder. In order to receive an official diagnosis this condition must have persisted for a minimum of 6 months.

     For those with this problem there are several different types of treatment available in the form of medication and treatment. Some of the treatment for men is basically self induced mental distractions as well as trying to control the frequency of penetration. Additionally, controlling the rate of speed of thrusting is a method tried by some. This method has proven to be quite effective with nearly 80% of cases being resolved on their own independent of a clinical specialist. In some cases men can be treated with different types of SSRI’s (serotonin reuptake inhibitors). These types of medications have proven effective in increasing ejaculation times by 6-20 times greater than before medication. Most people that take medication are able to stop within a year of taking these medicines. However, in some cases the SSRI’s actually cause other side effects such as diminished libido thus creating another problem to deal with.