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Viagra Professional – wonderful drug in South africa

Men all over South Africa have already heard about the wonders of Viagra and how much it’s benefitted millions of men around the world suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, the makes of Viagra have shown their dedication to its customer base by not only by listening to them but by improving their formula. The creators of Viagra have launched a new formula called Viagra Professional. In this post, we will cover what Viagra Professional does and the benefits you will receive when taking it.

Viagra Professional in South Africa

Viagra Professional in South Africa

If you’ve never heard of Viagra before, let me give you a quick rundown of the medication. Viagra for is a prescription based medication that is designed to improve blood flow to the lower regions in men. This effectively alleviates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and allows the user to lead a normal sex life. Since it’s inception Viagra has made many strides in the medical world. Its formula has an 85% success rate across all clinical trials, and its formula has not only benefited men. Women who take Viagra also reap the rewards in terms of getting more satisfaction in their sex lives.

Which brings us to the now. The Viagra formula has once again been improved to help men gain even more control over their sex lives. Viagra Professional has been enhanced in two new specific ways. The first is that the effective time has been increased to over 9 hours. This allows men more control over their timing and be a bit more spontaneous in their lovemaking patterns. I think we can all agree that if we only had a couple of hours to get our “quality” time in with our girlfriends or wives that it wouldn’t be enough.

The second thing Viagra Professional covers in the strength of the formula. Remember when I said Viagra had an 85% success rate in their clinical trials? Well for the creators that just isn’t going to cut it and they are aiming for a perfect score. Over six and a half million men each year experience erectile dysfunction and the creators of Viagra wants to help them reclaim their lives.


Side effects

In terms of side effects, the list hasn’t grown with the enhanced form of the drug. Although rare, the side effects include a headache, stuffy nose, or upset stomach. Nothing too serious to worry about in my opinion. After looking at Viagra Professional and comparing it to other forms of the medication there are a couple of glaring negatives.

Viagra Professional price

The first one is the cost. Viagra Professional will run you anywhere from $2 to $5 per pill. While it’s not a horrible negative, anything that puts a strain on the wallet can be annoying. A little trick that you can do is split your pills to effectively double your stock if you are used to low doses. Viagra Professional is 100mg whereas other formulas are usually 50mg. If you’ve used Viagra in the past and have had success with it, I’d use this method to save some cash.

The second negative is that Viagra Professional takes up to an hour to start working. Now, this can be taken a number of different ways but the general consensus is that this is bad. Now let me share my opinion on this so-called drawback. If you are the type of guy that has their intimacy written down on a calendar then this probably won’t be much of a problem. However, if you are spontaneous like me then Viagra Professional could pose a bit of a problem even though it is designed to last much longer than traditional Viagra. All in all, I think Viagra Professional is worth a shot if you want longer duration and stronger results.