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The Mysterious New Trend of “Keto” And How it Works

Weight Loss And The Way To Keep It Off: Here’s What You Need To Know

 Back in 2001 a new diet hit the scene. But it wasn’t as new as everyone thought since the original mention of the eating plan had emerged nearly 30 years prior. In 2001 it was republished and America went crazy. It promised a healthy life style by cutting carbs from your meals and then over time, slowly introducing certain foods back into your diet. But we’re not here to talk about Atkins are we? We’re here to talk about Atkins “cousin”, the Ketogenic Diet.

 You see Atkin was a man, and the diet was named after that man. While the Ketogenic Diet (or Keto for short) is merely named after the process and fat burning state in which your body is now working. This is the “ketogenic state”. While Atkins was a quick fix to your weight problems, and slowly allowing you to basically return to normal, Keto is more of a long term, lifestyle.

  Keto has been shown over the years to help promote weight loss by starving your body of glucose (which our body loves to use as energy and fuel) and causing a rise in ketones, which break down the fat stored in your body. After all, that’s what we’re all after right? A way to lose that stubborn fat that we’ve accumulated. Ketosis is a metabolic state which uses fat rather than sugars and carbs as your source of energy. This diet is a high fat (75% of your foods), moderate-protein (20%), and VERY low carb (5%) diet.

  For decades America has been spinning this “Fat Is Bad” propaganda to the people due to false studies in the 20th century. We came to associate fat foods..with fat bodies. So for many years food makers have proudly boasted on the front of their products that it has low or even zero fat. While not mentioning the amount of sugar and carbs in that same space on the front of the package. This misinformation has caused a lot of scrutiny that low carb diets are bad for you health, but to quite the contrary, this form of consumption can not only reduce your weight, but can provide other health benefits as well.

Not Drinking Alcohol Diet

  In some studies it has been shown to ease diabetic symptoms and even get people off of their medications for diabetes. It can also reduce acne, improve heart health, it could reduce the risk of cancer, it can promote more cognitive ability in autistic children and my personal favorite, it can even reduce seizures!

  With all these health benefits whats not to like?

  Well, the main complaint many newcomers to Keto report, is the difficulty in maintaining a low carb diet, as the American diet is bombarded with sugary foods. Sugar is hiding in places you wouldn’t even imagine they would be. When you first start Keto you will quickly find that 95% of the foods in your home must be thrown out to replace them with non-processed, fresh foods. But to their surprise, there are many ways to satiate that sweet tooth with countless “mock recipes” that imitate your favorite deserts and finding many breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that are actually quite delicious.

  Before jumping straight into the Ketogenic Diet, you should first prepare yourself with as much knowledge as you can on the topic, to ensure success. This isn’t a diet where you can just go buy a brand of food that covers all your meals like weight watchers. There is a learning curb and a lot of cooking involved so be prepared to get in the kitchen.

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I am a 56 year old man who is obese.  Obesity runs in my family so I never felt too guilty about overeating or about not compensating for overeating by exercising appropriately.  I overeat too feel better about myself, to layer myself in the comfort I find in fattening, sugary foods.  Last month I went to my doctor for my annual physical and received some disturbing news.  My blood pressure was quite elevated, 200/110.  My ankles and lower legs were swollen.  My doctor heard disturbing breath sounds when he listened to my chest and respiration.  Blood work was taken and it showed that my glucose levels were elevated beyond what my doctor called pre-diabetes.  My LDL cholesterol was very high, 280, and my HDL – the good cholesterol – was too low, 34.  Even the results of my kidney function test were poor.  My doctor prescribed medication and ordered me to begin an immediate weight loss program, consisting of diet and exercise.  He warned me that my obesity puts me at significant risk.  For 2 months I followed the plan carefully:  low carbs, hi protein. Lots of fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken.  A gradually increasing program of light, and then moderate, aerobic exercise.  I lost 8 pounds over those 8 weeks and then was able to step up my weight loss program with an even stricter dietary regimen and more prolonged exercise.  I dropped another 16 pounds.  Now that I see that I can actually accomplish my weight loss goals I feel much more confident, and energized, and proud of myself, which in turn helps me to make even greater improvements in my weight loss program.  My blood pressure has normalized and so has my glucose levels.  I feel healthier and stronger, and know that if I continue to make progress I will greatly increase my risk of debilitating disease, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, and will greatly increase my chances of living a longer, healthier and happier life.

Michael Gill